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Our Classes

At 9kitchens, we host a variety of cooking classes for both individuals and groups! With our super interactive and fun in-person and online cooking classes, we offer you the opportunity to reconnect with your friends & family and reacquaint yourself with your kitchen! Here are examples of classes we offer:

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 - Asian Family Favourites -
With Christina Ng

Crystal Dumplings /
Mochi / Bubble Tea


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 - Creative Sushis -
With Tes Ryu

Tofu Crab Futomaki /
Spicy Mango Uramaki

Tes will teach you how to make creative and yet professional plant-based sushis. 



 - Korean cuisine -
With Tes Ryu
Traditional Kimchi /Bibimbap

You will learn how Korean people developed a technique to preserve the vegetables during harsh winter times over thousands of years of time.


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 - Vietnamese cuisine -
With Kieumy
Steamed Rice Rolls /Summer Rolls /Green mango salad

Understand Vietnamese flavours and textures and why the number 5 is so important in Vietnamese culinary traditions.  

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"9kitchens does a really great job

promoting a healthy lifestyle with fresh ingredients"



"The great flavours combined with Kieu-My's deep consideration for the people that enjoy the food always make for an incredible culinary experience!''


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