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At BOM, we want to do our bit to promote your well-being and engagement by taking you on a journey to discover and understand flavours from all over Asia that you can incorporate into your diets.

Once a year, C40 Cities hosts a team building activity and this year they decided to go ahead with BOM as they wanted to explore Asian plant-based cuisines.

The company was interested and excited to work with us as we use oriental techniques to teach, engage and inspire people. 50 people gathered to learn and get hands on exposure to oriental cuisine. They worked in teams guided by chefs, who were experts  in Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines.

BOM provided them with a fun-filled time where each team had to develop starters, main courses and desserts within a given timeframe.

Highlights of this corporate team building event were the making of dumplings from scratch, the rolling of perfect autumn rolls, the cooking of a delicious Vietnamese curry and Korean sweet potato noodles. All the recipes, packed with seasonal vegetables, were suitable to vegans. 

For this event we worked with London Incognito which organises unusual and bespoke London experiences.

If you want a different team building activity for your company, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently offering bespoke taster cooking classes (maximum 6 participants) to corporate companies. Would you like to try a free session of our taster cooking class?

Please CONTACT US HERE to schedule your free session.

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