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Learn to cook a new dish through our interactive online classes

With the many restrictions due to COVID-19, 9kitchens has now begun to offer online classes via Zoom. What is special about our online cooking classes is that our sessions are super interactive, allowing all participants to cook together and are limited to a smaller group, that way everyone can contribute and interact with each other. 

We bring together families, local communities, and corporate teams to passionately teach simple-to-follow and fun plant-centric Asian oriental cooking classes. With my cooking classes, people travel with their taste buds, explore new cooking techniques and ingredients, feel more confident, and can have a fabulous time again in the kitchen with their loved ones and friends.


By hiring our services, clients also support our training and employment program for vulnerable women in North West London

Have a specific cuisine in mind that you want to learn? We offer bespoke private cooking classes too, we will design a class to suit your taste and needs. Contact us today for more information

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