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Top 10 Plant Based Asian Foods

If you love Asian food and if you want to draw some inspiration to cook yourself some Asian dishes, you have come to the right place! Asia is a continent with a vast variety of flavours, cultures and cuisines and is home to some of the most popular dishes in the world, with its dishes standing out in terms of flavour. Some of the most common ingredients used in asian cooking include rice, yogurt and coconut milk. Keep reading to discover the most popular asian dishes that are plant based:

  1. Pad thai- Pad thai is one of the easiest, tastiest and most popular dishes in Asian Cuisine. It is a dish that can be customised according to your preference.

  2. Vegan Bibimbap- If you are craving a delicious, yet balanced meal try this classic Korean dish that bursts with flavours.

  3. Sesame Tofu Dumplings- This easy dish, which requires very little prep time is a must try! This recipe only requires a handful of ingredients- crumbled tofu, sesame seeds, green onions, garlic and seasoning.

  4. Vegan Sushi- If you are a sushi lover, you are going to love this 4 way version of vegan sushi, which is not only delicious, but also super healthy!

  5. Udon Noodles- Udon Noodles are thick Japanese wheat noodles, which is tasty and packed with flavours. These noodles have a unique texture, chewy and chunky, which makes it all the more fun to eat!

  6. Pomegranate sweet & sour tempeh- A traditional Indonesian food, Tempeh is most commonly used as a substitute for meat. This plant based protein is filled with vitamins, fibres and probiotics.

  7. Asian slaw salad- Making Asian slaw is as easy as making coleslaw, but even tastier as the dressing is light and zesty with Asian inspired flavors.

  8. Ramen with grilled vegetables & tofu- Who doesn’t love Ramen? This easy and delicious dish is filled with proteins and nutrients.

  9. Vietnamese Pho- This plant based pho is the perfect alternative to the traditional beefy soup and is certainly lip smacking!

  10. Summer rolls- These veggie packed summer rolls are not at all difficult to make and super delicious!

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