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9KITCHENS, a sisterhood project

We started the 9Kitchens project with the intention to provide an income to migrant women facing challenges in accessing foreign labour markets as many do not have formal qualification, are not proficient in English, have to look after their young children and cannot afford childcare or are just subject to discrimination were the ones we met during the first lockdown. The women were strong and were able to work only if someone could give them the chance to hire them and to understand their constraints.

It has been a couple of weeks since we sent you any communication regarding our 9KITCHENS community initiative, our amazing supporters! Here's an update on the love and success we received from our neighbors and supporters.

Since we started the project on 17 October:

● 1630 meals delivered

● 95% of our meals were plant-based

● 246 hours of work for migrant women paid above the UK real living wage.

● 2 of our female chefs are now private cooks for local families

What’s our goal?

● To create a partnership with a charity to receive grants for an upskilling project for our women chefs.

● To enhance our delivery experience.

● To transform this community initiative into a social enterprise (Community Interest Company)

Thank you for supporting us! Happy New Year!

Diane and Kieu-My

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