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We organized a Team Building event in the month of December, 2020 for CISCO, the worldwide leader in IT and networking.

The team we worked for, have a total of 60-80 people located in France, GB, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. They have been working from home since March 2021. There were no activities organised to bond the team together, BOM came up with a TEAM BUILDING PROPOSAL where 39 people split into 2 teams (2 different link invitations), to make it more interactive and fun. We operate on different Online support depending on the requirement, here we used WEBEX.

As for our menu, we prepared a Korean dish called Bibimbap (비빔밥) which is simply loved by many people even if you don’t know anything about Korea, it’s not too difficult to find people who had Bibimbap sometime in their lives. Bibimbap is a bowl of rice complimented by sauce and veggies, you can add meat too! There is so much balance in this dish which is what makes it really amazing. Now this dish isn’t easy and that's what made it more fun for the participants.

Most of the members have known each other for years except probably 10 people. An activity that will include everyone with a high level of engagement, that brings about new friendships and a greater social bonding among individuals who were probably just acquaintances at the work-space. This in turn helps build better work relationships and help increase productivity for companies.

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