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Heating instructions to Menu 22nd June

Steamed Bao and Dan Dan Noodles (Sichuanese Dish)

Storage Instructions

Upon receiving your meals, store them into the fridge if you are planning to eat later. But both

starter and main can not be eaten cold. You will need to do some work to enjoy them fully!


Steamed Bao Bun (recipe adapted from Bian Dang London)

Microwave for 20s to get back the softness of the dish


Dan Dan Noodles and plenty of toppings (recipe from Christina Ng

(Eastmeetskitchen -specialist blogger in Chinese plant-based cuisine. She came to help)

Microwave the noodles for 30s approx. They can be served warm or at room temperature.

Pour the sauce on top (add some water if you think it is too thick), add any additional toppings and toss well. We added some chilli oil for the bravest ones!

Smashed cucumber salad: Side salad that can be enjoyed together with the Dan Dan Noodles


- Optional Mochi with Strawberry (V): Remove the wrapper and enjoy them as they are.

They may be very different from store-bought because we made everything from the dough to the white beans paste (Shiroan)

- Optional cake: Apple pie (VEG)

Heat the apple pie in the oven until warm and serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream or custard or fresh cream, or enjoy it alone.

- Optional cake: Matcha green tea cake (V)

The cake can be enjoyed at room temperature. I added a raspberry/strawberry coulis.

It is a vegan option so no eggs or butter.

ALLERGENS: Wheat, sesame seeds, soy beans, peanuts, almonds (they are cooked), eggs (VEG cake), lactose (VEG cakes)).

If you have serious allergies, please do not eat as our kitchen uses potentially all allergens.

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