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Here's what we've been up to at BOM!

Here's a quick update and on what we've been up to over the past couple of months! We launched our business in September 2019 and by early 2020, we had managed to get major contracts with corporate clients and were starting to get more visibility. By March 2020, things took a different turn, and all contracts were cancelled.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of small businesses, making it very difficult for businesses, including us, to survive. As a way to cope with the pandemic and continue as a social enterprise, we have just decided to launch and organise virtual cooking classes to continue to teach, engage, and inspire individuals to cook food which is good for you and our surroundings. Simultaneously, we also want to maintain our support to women from underprivileged background who have worked for us in the kitchen to earn their own income and become more confident.

Therefore, we are now offering gift vouchers which can be used for our virtual classes or for our real classes when we are back up and running.

I would never have thought that my business would be moved to a virtual space because I have always treasured human interactions above everything! But given the current situation, I had to change my mindset.

Teaching online has been a learning curve, where we have learned and unlearned some practices! So far we have conducted 4 sessions of virtual cooking classes. We started off by trialing and testing ideas, some of which were successful and some not really. With every online class, we are trying to perfect our delivery and finesse, to make our classes more engaging. It is easy to lose focus

Our first virtual cooking together session was a one hour session, where we taught the class how to prepare Thai Larb Salad and Thai Fried Rice. The session went well and our participants enjoyed it, however, we encountered some difficulties with the video and audio quality.

For our second virtual cooking class, we aimed to focus on fixing the technical issues without compromising on the quality of the content. We taught the participants to cook together Mango Salad and Plant Based Pad Thai. We installed multiple cameras, so the participants got a better view and we had some great feedback. However, the audio quality was still not the best!

Our third session was a family cooking together session on how to make Gyoza dumplings with great image and detailed explanations. Parents and children cooked together for 2 hours and could enjoy a healthy and tasty meal together afterwards.

Our next virtual cooking class will be 1 hour session "'Cooking Together" vegetarian Italian food session on Friday 3rd July evening to raise funding for the emergency food centre we created during lockdown. If you are interested to join the class, reach out to us at and we can provide you with the details!

There's more good news, we want to expand our support to local underprivileged women with "The Sisterhood Cooking Project" by giving them the opportunity to learn and become self-sufficient. Support our initiative and be a part of change! This week we are conducting some middle eastern recipe testing with our new female chefs (Syrian women) and very soon we hope to make their foods & recipes available to you!

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