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Instructions to enjoy your meal Menu 6th July

Crystal Dumplings and Vietnamese Wrap and Roll Dinner

Storage Instructions

Upon receiving your meals, store them into the fridge if you are planning to eat the day after.

Some work will be required to enjoy your dinner.

Starter: Warm the crystal dumplings

When cold, dumplings tend to have a tougher skin. We want exactly the opposite as texture is very important. Ideally, you will need to warm them in a steamer for 1 min from boiling water or microwave for 30-40s . But check the consistency and put them back to steamer or microwave if necessary. The dough should be soft. You may want to dip them in some soy sauce.

Main: Prepare the Vietnamese rolls

2 dipping sauces: Nuoc Cham (N written on the pot. It is a sweet, tangy and savory sauce) / Peanut sauce (P written on the pot)

  1. Option 1 - Family style and simple: You can eat the rice vermicelli in a small bowl (kind of like Vietnamese family style with chopsticks) and eat them dipped with the sweet and sour sauce,

  2. Option 2 - DIY as lettuce wraps: Vietnamese people love to bundle up food in lettuce and fresh herbs, which is exactly how this dish is enjoyed.

To eat, take a palm-sized lettuce leaf, layer on a piece of banh hoi, a (or two) piece of proteins, a cucumber and a few leaves picked from the fresh herbs. Roll it up and wrap it up as tightly as you can in a bundle without the lettuce breaking. Dip it into the sweet/tangy/savory dipping sauce (called nuoc cham) or the peanut sauce and take a bite, repeating the dipping process as needed.

  1. Option 3 - DIY as rice paper wraps: All fillings are put together in a rice paper.

  • Fill a large bowl or shallow glass oven dish with warm water and place it in the middle of the table (or have 2 bowls for a larger crowd). The bowl doesn't need to be large enough to fit the whole rice paper in one go.

  • Submerge one rice paper into the water for 2 seconds. If your bowl isn't large enough to fit the whole rice paper in one go, that's fine, just rotate it and count 2 seconds for each section you submerge into the water.

  • Place a lettuce leave/herbs/pickles/vermicelli/some proteins onto the middle of the rice paper.

  • Fold the left and right edges of the rice paper in, then starting from the bottom, roll up to cover the lettuce bundle. Then keep rolling firmly. The rice paper is sticky, it will seal itself.

  • Eat immediately with the peanut dipping sauce or the nuoc cham (the sweet and tangy dipping sauce)

You can watch the video about using rice paper and rolling HERE

Enjoy your meal! and happy to have your feedback (you can send us a message through the chat on our website or

Kieu-My, Diane, Thip and all the Sisterhood Chefs!

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